Refund and cancellation policy

  1. The booking will be accepted when the tenants join within 30 days.
  2. Within 30 Days if the tenant does not come to the property, then the booking will be automatically cancelled.
  3. For booking the room, the tenant should pay one month’s rent as a deposit as per their room tariffs.
  4. The Booking will be confirmed only when the full advance amount is paid by the tenant. Rooms will not be confirmed if they inform any staff or Manager.
  5. While booking time they have to mention the check-in date from that date rent will be started even if the tenants don’t join by that date.
  6. If they want to cancel the confirmed booking. the cancellation charges will be applicable i.e. Rs.3500/- and it will be deducted from their booking amount. The remaining amount will be transferred to their account in 3 working days.